Nor Jan the Liar…

I can’t understand why RTM is currently airing a multiple-part documentary about one Raja Nor Jan Shah Bin Raja Tuah who claims to be a descendant of the Sultan of Melaka and declares himself as the 44th Sultan of Melaka with a ‘reigning title’ of Sultan Ahmad Shah II. In his official blog –, he displayed his evidence supporting his claim to the Melakan throne.

However, as an experienced genealogist, I happen to detect too much errors and false information in his blog. Thus, his evidence to support his claim to the Melakan throne is pretty much questionable. In this posting of mine, I will disclose the misleading information given by Nor Jan (if he is even a real Raja)

Family tree of Sultan Mahmud Shah of Melaka (taken from DO NOT USE THIS AS REFERENCE

  1. The mother of Sultan Muzaffar Shah of Perak (Marhum Tanah Abang) is Onang Kuning; NOT Tun Kecil!
  2. Tun Fatimah is a daughter of Bendahara Tun Mutahir; NOT Bendahara Tun Ali!
  3. Tun Fatimah was married to Tun Ali (son of Seri Nara Diraja)

Descendants of Sultan Ahmaddin Shah of Perak (taken from DO NOT USE THIS AS REFERENCE

  1. Raja Inu is a male; not a female! He is known with his post-humus title Marhum Sallehul Iman. This Raja Inu had a son named Raja Chulan. This Raja Chulan later ascended the Perak throne as Sultan Shahabuddin Riayat Shah.
  2. The photo seen here is NOT of Sultan Jaafar Muazzam Shah. It’s the photo of Sultan Idris Murshidul Azam Shah. The post-humus title of Sultan Jaafar Muazzam Shah is NOT Habibullah but Waliullah!
  3. The father of the present DYAM Raja Di Hilir is Almarhum Raja Muda Musa who died in 1983; NOT 1906! The photo shown in the diagram as Raja Muda Musa (father to the present Raja Di Hilir) is the photo of Sultan Abdul Aziz; NOT Raja Muda Musa! Even worse, Sultan Abdul Aziz is not the son of Raja Bendahara Alang Iskandar. He is the son of Almarhum Raja Muda Musa Ibni Almarhum Sultan Jaafar Muazzam Shah who died in 1906!
  4. Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II is not the son of Raja Bendahara Alang Iskandar. He is the son of Sultan Jaafar Muazzam Shah!
  5. Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah II was not given the post-humus title of Rahmatullah. His post-humus title is Affifullah!

Nor Jan's so-called "evidence" showing his lineage as a descendant of one Raja Alang Abdul Rahman (taken from DO NOT USE THIS AS REFERENCE

The above is the “evidence” from Nor Jan’s blog showing his ancestry based on a chapter from the book – Tempat-tempat Bersejarah Perak by N.A. Halim. Now, let us compare the actual wordings from the book:

From the actual book - 'Tempat-tempat Bersejarah Perak'

We can clearly see that Nor Jan has purposely added his side of the story as if it was actually written in the book. The words “Bukan Raja Pandak Abdul Rahman” in brackets were added and the name Raja Pandak Abdul Rahman was deliberately changed to Raja Alang Abdul Rahman!

We know that he is a descendant of one Raja Alang Abdul Rahman. But, there is no evidence that could support the fact that this Raja Alang Abdul Rahman is a son of Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah I of Perak. To make his claim valid, he intentionally changed the name Pandak to Alang! To the readers out there, Pandak and Alang denotes the sibling order / ranking of a person.  To prove that Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah I of Perak had a son named Raja Pandak and NOT Raja Alang, we should consult the manuscript Salasilah Raja-Raja Perak. And of course, I have a copy of the manuscript which I will share below:

MS Maxwell 24 - Salasilah Raja-Raja Perak (page 16)

[line 2]

…Sayah adik Raja Andak itu Raja Jelusul mati lagi kanak2. Adapun Baginda Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah, Raja Perempuan itu berputera empat orang tiga laki2 seorang perempuan maka yang perempuan itu berputera di dalam kerajaan Raja Budak Rasul gelarannya dipanggil2 Raja Mandak itulah puteranya yang bongsu. Adapun putera Baginda yang tua hidupnya itu Raja Yusuf namanya dan Raja Pandak dan Raja Sulaiman…

Here we can clearly see that the manuscript says that the Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah I had issue 4 children – 3 sons and 1 daughter. The daughter’s name is Raja Mandak whose title is Raja Budak Rasul and the daughter is the youngest of the four. The manuscript also further states that the Sultan’s sons are Raja Yusuf followed by Raja Pandak and Raja Sulaiman.

There’s no Raja Alang in this list! If there exist a Raja Alang as a child of this Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah, this child did not survive adulthood as the manuscript states only the 4 children survived to adulthood!

So my dear Nor Jan, what are you actually trying to do? You can’t even provide a reliable evidence of your lineage to the Melakan Sultanate and yet you want to claim the throne of Melaka? About the Regalia, can you prove that you inherited the Regalia from your ancestors without fail? or perhaps the Regalia was stolen by you or one of your ancestors? or perhaps you or one of your ancestors won the Regalia over a poker table?

My advice to you, just stop it! There are many Rajas in Malaysia who are more eligible to claim the throne of Melaka than you as they can prove their lineage to the last Sultan of Melaka.

To all readers out there, let this posting be an enlightenment to you on the individual known as Nor Jan the Liar.

About Megat Iskandar At-Terawis

Born 18 February 1979. Received primary education at King Edward VII School, Taiping, Perak and continued his secondary education at Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (STAR), Ipoh, Perak (1992-1996). He was awarded a scholarship by the Public Service Department to further his studies in the United Kingdom. Completed his A-Levels at Brooke House College, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, United Kindom in 1999 and gained entry to the University of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom. Graduated with a Joint Honours Degree in Computing and Accounting & Finance in 2002. He later pursued his post-graduate studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London in 2003 specialising in Malay Aristocratic Genealogy. Former Chairman of the United Kingdom Executive Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC) from 2001-2003. He was a banker by profession – specialising in Cash Management & Islamic Finance. He is now heading the corporate affairs of a technology company based in Putrajaya. An appointed member of the Community Representative Council for Putrajaya (MPPWP Sub-Zone H) by the Minister of Federal Territories. He is also an elected member of the Executive Committee for Persatuan Darul Ridzuan, heading its Heritage Bureau. He is also the founder and currently serving as Secretary of the Persatuan Keturunan Megat Terawis Malaysia (The Megat Terawis Clan Association of Malaysia). A Grade 8 holder in Pianoforte, he is an active musician, composer and arranger. He married his 3rd cousin – Puteri Nuur Khadijah Binti Megat Ramli in 2004 and was blessed with two children – Megat Idris Naquiyuddin and Puteri Mariam Sophia.
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13 Responses to Nor Jan the Liar…

  1. Raja Shahriman says:

    Well written Megat. TQ

  2. Raja Mariam Raja Mohd Iskandar says:

    Salam Megat Iskandar,

    Thank you! You have managed to reveal the truth based on hard facts and sound knowledge. Your efforts to expose Nor Jan is commendable.


  3. Raja Izal Shah says:

    Balls in your ‘Court’ Jahan!

  4. Raja Yusuf Izzudin says:

    Saudara Megat. Thank you. Well researched piece

  5. YAM Raja Shahruzzaman ibni Sultan Idris Shah says:

    Assalamualaikum Megat…
    Well done in ascertaining the truth of lineage… This ‘Liar’ met me many years ago (late 1990s) and then he asked me how, if he could, be in the lineage of Perak Sultanate… I told him, if anyone was to fill the vacancy of the ranks of Raja Kecil Tengah and Raja Kecil Bongsu, I am the most senior anak Sultan without holding any office and I left it at that… Lo and behold, some years later he declared himself Sultan Melaka… Some people even told me he had the ‘blessings’ of the ‘unseen’ (ghaib)… So I said, if that is so, go then to Beting Beras Basah and complete his ceremony there and claim the crown which was thrown into the sea by Sultan Muzzaffar Shah (alMarhum Tanah Abang)… till now… NOTHING of the sort was done… Truly an imposter…

    Thank you sir, for your expose’….

    Y.A.M. Raja Shahruzzaman ibni alMarhum Sultan Idris Afiffullah

  6. There you are..! A very well facts..!

    Many people said that this Nor Jan is “gila”, “tak betul”, “gila glamour”. For me, he is smart, intelligent, opportunist, good in playing with image, manipulator of the situation and finally he got guts..! If he do not have all i said above, he’ll not claiming the Malacca’s throne. Why Malacca? Why not Perak as that claimed by “Raja Nasir”? You see, he is just like “menarik rambut dalam tepung..!”As Malacca is a state without “Raja”, so he do not have to fight with any Raja on thrones. For Malacca, what he demanded is only a “vacant chair”. .! If what he presented is accepted by public, even though all the facts on his lineage, all the “peralatan kebesaran” are lie and public do not have enough true and correct information on his claim, so public will say …”yeah…why not, just give him the throne, anyway it’s vacant”.!

    So, to counter all this kind of claim from him and future claim….a well studied with strong facts of historical datas and facts must be presented to public…like what you did “saudara Megat”..! Well written and full of facts.

  7. Iskandar says:

    If Melaka should coronate a sultan today, it should come from the descendant of Perak Sultans (as the genealogy proves that they are the descendants of Malaccan Royal House) or someone who is descended from the last Sultan of Johor from Malaccan bloodline; Sultan Mahmud Shah (Mangkat Di Julang) of Johore (“Sultan Mahmud”) or any descended from any Sultan of Johore who has the Malaccan bloodline.

    If he alleged that he is from the descendant of Sultan Mahmud; probably his claim would sound more credible and trustworthy because no one could trace where have all the descendants of Johore Sultans from Malaccan bloodline gone. Its a different story and probably a unique case.

  8. Raja Adley Paris Ishkandar Shah bin Raja Baharudin says:

    Salam En. Megat Iskandar at-Terawis

    Semalam saya berkesempatan meneliti Council Minutes Perak (1880-1882) dalam Papers on Malay Subjects (karya R.J. Wilkinson – terbitan Oxford University Press – 1971). Dalam minit mesyuarat itu tercatat senarai Waris Negeri Perak yang wajar diberikan pencen Negeri. Di sini saya memetik kata-kata yang releven sahaja:

    “H.H. the Regent then submits the following list for submission to H.E. the Governor:

    1. Raja Mahmud, $15 per mensem.
    2. Raja Brahim, $15 per mensem.
    3. Raja Ali, $15 per mensem.
    4. Raja Alang, $15 per mensem.

    Berdasarkan kepada senarai tersebut, jelaslah bahawa dakwaan Nor Jan yang mengatakan bahawa yang beliau berasal daripada “Raja” ALANG Abdul Rahman itu tertolak dengan sendirinya kerana TIDAK WUJUD sama sekali nama “Raja” ALANG Abdul Rahman dalam senarai penerima pencen negeri ini. Selain itu juga, tidak terdapat nama arwah datuknya “Raja” Muhammad Lajin Shah (Marhum Teluk Perang) dalam senarai zuriat Raja Pandak Abdul Rahman! Perlu diingat bahawa nama ini telah tertulis dalam minit Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri Perak sejak tahun 1880-1882 lagi. Pada hemat saya, Nor Jan tak perlulah lagi ingin mendakwa-dakwi fakta-fakta yang tidak mempunyai asas. Diharapkan juga orang ramai tidak terpengaruh dengan kekeliruan yang diwujudkan olehnya itu.

  9. irwan says:

    salam en. megat iskandar.
    sya setuju sekiranya saudara menghebahkan berita yg benar ini di facebooknya @ blognya supaya pengikut2nya sedar akan kepalsuanya ini. sebelum terlambat & parah.

    terima kasih..

  10. My son Megat, you’ve never fail to impress me.

    There should not be any surprise if some alternative media turn fiction into facts (despite some alternative media are ‘damn’ good) But we’re talking about the national mainstream here! They should be checking the facts first before airing something that will backfire.

    I am really impressed with your facts and evidence to substantiate your argument on this guy. And definitely with good support from YAM Raja Shahruzzaman ibni Sultan Idris Shah, Raja Mariam and Raja Yusof Izzuddin. I also love the very extreme cynical comments by saudara Azmi Sharuddin, great facts from saudara Iskandar and finally nailed down fabulously by Raja Adley Paris Ishkandar Shah.

    There are so many jokers love to connect themselves to great ‘kings and queens’ – and this is not the first time.

    Take Kelantan for example, we have people claiming direct descendant of ‘the famous princess’.

    The moment I see the timeline, I already knew that the claim is WRONG. (7th generation? It should be the 13-14th generation – I asked myself – how old is she? Few hundred years old perhaps?) I salute the real royalties, very low profile, modest despite they are too close to the royal family.

    But lated I was shocked :

    a) to see that there are actually so many people believing in such claim even disposing the facts totally,
    b) to read the news on the mainstream newspaper one day (again, mainstream) – which I send a personal letter with all the evidences to prove the claimant wrong!

    Why always the mainstream media? Something to ponder…

    While I; as a Muslim; do not also deny ‘evil influences’, I also believe that this is also a form of delusional mind – at first it’s not so obvious – suddenly when fantasy becomes ‘so real’, it becomes a belief even held with strong conviction despite evidence are present. Sometimes due to how the person is raised up, can’t let go of some past traumatic experience – can also lead to a delusional mind trying to escape the reality of life.

    To the delusioners:

    Just accept who you are and what has been fated.

    By Allah’s willing, you’ll be fine.

    Uncle Nik Zafri

  11. Tengku Mohd Shah says:

    Well Done!

    To All People Out There, Noor Jan is Nobody.

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