Query on the Genealogy of the Maharaja Lambor of Perak

Recently, I received a comment by Sdr Azizul Jabbar about his query on the genealogy of the Maharaja Lambor of Perak. Indeed, the Maharaja Lambor is one of the hereditary minor chiefs of Perak. Unfortunately, not much has been written either by myself on this blog or even by other historical scholars about this topic.


But, to our consolation, I happen to possess a copy of the manuscript pertaining the Maharaja Lambor of Perak and its genealogical connections with other Perak aristocratic family branches. The original manuscript is kept at SOAS with the reference number 40332 – Misc. Paper. Sdr Azizul Jabbar asked me about the names of the parents of one Toh Andak Majiwa in the family tree. Although I have the answer, I think it is appropriate to write a short article with supporting images from the manuscript.


The answer is I don’t know the name of the parents of this Toh Andak Majiwa as in the manuscript, there were no names written on the diagram illustrating the parent of this Toh Andak Majiwa.


Below is the image:

The Manuscript MS 40332 SOAS, London - diagram shows the genealogy of Maharaja Lambor and Seri Nara Diraja. No names written for the parent of Toh Andak Majiwa

I hope this posting is helpful to answer Sdr Azizul Jabbar’s queries.


About Megat Iskandar At-Terawis

Born 18 February 1979. Received primary education at King Edward VII School, Taiping, Perak and continued his secondary education at Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (STAR), Ipoh, Perak (1992-1996). He was awarded a scholarship by the Public Service Department to further his studies in the United Kingdom. Completed his A-Levels at Brooke House College, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, United Kindom in 1999 and gained entry to the University of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom. Graduated with a Joint Honours Degree in Computing and Accounting & Finance in 2002. He later pursued his post-graduate studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London in 2003 specialising in Malay Aristocratic Genealogy. Former Chairman of the United Kingdom Executive Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC) from 2001-2003. He was a banker by profession – specialising in Cash Management & Islamic Finance. He is now heading the corporate affairs of a technology company based in Putrajaya. An appointed member of the Community Representative Council for Putrajaya (MPPWP Sub-Zone H) by the Minister of Federal Territories. He is also an elected member of the Executive Committee for Persatuan Darul Ridzuan, heading its Heritage Bureau. He is also the founder and currently serving as Secretary of the Persatuan Keturunan Megat Terawis Malaysia (The Megat Terawis Clan Association of Malaysia). A Grade 8 holder in Pianoforte, he is an active musician, composer and arranger. He married his 3rd cousin – Puteri Nuur Khadijah Binti Megat Ramli in 2004 and was blessed with two children – Megat Idris Naquiyuddin and Puteri Mariam Sophia.
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3 Responses to Query on the Genealogy of the Maharaja Lambor of Perak

  1. Jabbar says:

    Terima kasih atas jasa baik dan usaha Tuan.

    Kita sembang hal Tok Tua Sakti pulak lepas ni.. 🙂

  2. NZA says:

    Saya percayakan segala fakta dan juga kandungan yang telah digunapakai oleh awak. Sama juga dengan orang lain punya blog. Antaranya 1.rizman.net yang mempunyai satu kandungan yang agak menarik dan sudah boleh difahami oleh pelbagai orang lain. Ini jelas membuktikan bahawa dengan blog ini pun boleh buat duit. Saya akan terus mengikuti perkembangan semasa dan akan cuba menghebohkan blog anda yang menarik ini.

    • Megat Iskandar At-Terawis says:

      Terima kasih saudara Nurmisuari….saya akan cuba mengupdate blog ini sekerap mungkin….kena berdisiplin sikit

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