The Genealogy of the Orang Kaya-Kaya Laksamana Raja Mahkota of Perak

The title Laksamana is basically the Malay equivalent of an Admiral. Since the glory days of the Sultanate of Melaka, the Laksamana played an important role in the government. In Melaka, the Laksamana is one of the Orang Besar Empat and one of the famous Melakan Laksamana was none other than the legendary Silat Master – Hang Tuah. We know that Perak inherits its government system from Melaka and indeed the titles of Orang Besar Empat, Orang Besar Lapan, Orang Besar Enam Belas and Orang Besar Tiga Puluh Dua were created similar to the structure used in Melaka. However, the Laksamana in Perak was placed as a member of the Orang Besar Lapan as opposed to Orang Besar Empat during the Melakan days.

The full title of the Laksamana in Perak is Orang Kaya-Kaya Laksamana Raja Mahkota. According to MS 40332 – Miscellaneous Papers kept at the School of Oriental & African Studies and later further elaborated by Wilkinson and Winstedt, the forefather of the Perak Laksamana was a Bugis Prince known as Nakhoda Hitam. In some records, he was alson known as Nakhod Hitam Toh Kuala Bidor. According to a genealogist from the Daeng Selili clan, this Nakhoda Hitam is said to be a younger brother of Daeng Selili.


One Megat Halim Azizi Bin Megat Noh – a descendant of Daeng Selili himself, quoted from Silsilah Wajo and Lontarak Sukunna Wajo that Nakhoda Hitam was a step-brother of Daeng Selili. It is said that the mother of Nakhoda Hitam was one We Camba – a raja from Camba (nearby the province of Wajo and Bone).  Whatever the origin of this Nakhoda Hitam, in Perak History, he is considered as the forefather to the title holders of the Laksamana of Perak.

Nakhoda Hitam had two wives – Toh Epok and Puteri Puasa (a daughter of a Megat, but her ancestry is not known). Nakhoda Hitam was succeeded as Laksamana by his son Toh Chik (unfortunately, we don’t know Toh Chik’s real name). When Toh Chik died, he had one issue – Toh Rejab. Since Toh Rejab was very young during the death of Laksamana Toh Chik, the office of Laksamana was passed on to Nakhoda Hitam’s son-in-law – Toh Jambu who was also known as Keramat Tanjung Medan. Not long after taking office, Toh Jambu died and was succeeded by another son-in-law of Nakhoda Hitam – Tun Abu Esama.

Later, when Laksamana Tun Abu Esama died, he was succeded by the son of Laksamana Toh Chik – Toh Rejab. When Laksamana Toh Rejab died, he was succeeded by Toh Bongkok Lahab – son of Laksamana Tun Abu Esama. Laksamana Toh Bongkok Lahab had daughter named Long Telar. This Long Telar later married to Wan Abdul Rahman (Toh Muda Laksamana), son of Maharaja Lela Ngah Hassan. From this union, they were blessed with a daughter named Wan Ngah Mahtra.

As for Laksamana Toh Jambu, he had three children – Ngah Hassan, Che Uda Kechil Terkukor and Che Puteh. Ngah Hassan later became the Orang Kaya-Kaya Maharaja Lela Tanjana Putera Pancung Tak Bertanya – commonly known as the Maharaja Lela. We know that the title of Maharaja Lela is bestowed upon descendants of the Bugis Prince – Daeng Selili. Since Nakhoda Hitam is said to be a younger brother of Daeng Selili, then the appointment of Ngah Hassan as Maharaja Lela is justified as he belongs to the same clan as other Maharaja Lelas. His son – Wan Abdul Rahman married to Long Telar, daughter of Laksmaana Toh Bongkok Lahab as mentioned earlier.

Another son of Laksmana Toh Jambu is Che Uda Kechil Terkukor. His name suggests that during his childhood, he suffered an accident – ‘terkukor’ which resulted him to be physically handicapped. Che Uda had two sons – Alang Muhammad and Tok Chu Abdul Rahim. Alang Muhammad had an issue – Che Alang Abdul Wakaf who is also known as Alang Duakap. As for Tok Chu Abdul Rahim, he had 2 sons – Muhammad Salleh and Muhammad Taha; and one daughter named Ngah Majnun. The youngest child of Laksamana Tok Jambu is Che Puteh and this Che Puteh married the 18th Sultan of Perak – Sultan Ahmaddin Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Muhammad Shah. From this union, one Raja Abdul Malik was born. This Raja Abdul Malik will later be the 19th Sultan of Perak reigning as Sultan Abdul Malik Mansur Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ahmaddin Shah.

When Laksamana Toh Bongkok Lahab died, he was succeded by Toh Janggut – a son of the late Laksamana Toh Rejab. This Laksamana Toh Janggut is married to Ngah Majnun – daughter of Toh Chu Abdul Rahim mentioned earlier. When Laksamana Toh Janggut died, the office of Laksamana was passed to the son-in-law of Toh Muda Wan Abdul Rahman i.e the husband to Wan Ngah Mahtra mentioned earlier. This new Laksamana’s name is Pandak Ibrahim.  Later, Pandak Ibrahim was succeeded as Laksamana by Hj Sulaiman – son of Muammad Taha Bin Toh Chu Abdul Rahim. Wan Ngah Mahtra later married to Raja Ngah Jaafar (who later became the Sultan of Perak reigning as Sultan Jaafar Muazzam Shah). From this union, they were blessed with two children – Raja Nandak and Raja Abdullah. This Raja Abdullah later became the Sultan of Perak reigning as Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II. After the Perak War, this Sultan Abdullah was banished to the Seychelles. The Sultan’s mother – Wan Ngah Mahtra accompanied him to the Seychelles.

When Laksamana Hj Sulaiman died, he was succeeded by Muhammad Amin – son of Alang Abdul Wakaf bin Alang Muhammad Bin Che Uda Kechil Terkukor. During this time, the late Laksamana Hj Sulaiman’s cousin was made the Raja Mahkota – an Orang Besar Enam Belas and heir to the Laksamana. This new Raja Mahkota was Hj Hussain. Laksamana Muhammad Amin had several children. A daughter of his – Halimah married the mining tycoon Orang Kaya Menteri Ngah Ibrahim Bin Long Jaafar. Another daughter of his – Hjh Mariam was married to the Orang Kaya-Kaya Shahbandar Uda Maamor. Laksamana Muhamad Amin had issue several sons namely Muhammad Arshad, Hj Muhammad Noh and Muhammad Ali Akbar.

After the Perak War, the British banished the Sultan Ismail to Johor, and Sultan Abdullah, Laksamana Muhammad Amin, Shahbandar Uda Maamor and Menteri Ngah Ibrahim to the Seychelles. After the banishment of Laksamana Muhammad Amin, the Raja Mahkota – Hj Hussain was made Laksamana by the British. The eldest son of Laksamana Muhammad Amin, Muhammad Arshad was made Toh Muda. This Muhammad Arshad is commonly known to the British as Orang Kaya Mat Arshad.

After the death of Laksamana Hussain (who died and burried in Ipoh), Orang Kaya Mat Arshad succeded him as the new Laksamana. However, Laksamana Mat Arshad’s term in office was not that long. He died in the mid 1920s and was succeeded by his son Muhammad Ali Wasi. Later, upon the death of Laksamana Ali Wasi, he was succeded by his cousin – Che Lope Bahauddin Bin Hj Muhammad Noh. This Laksamana Lope Bahauddin is married to the eldest child of Tengku Menteri Wan Muhammad Isa – Wan Aishah. Unfortunately, they had no issue.

The Laksamana Lope Bahauddin died on 4th December 1947 and was burried at Masjid Lama, Taiping, Perak. He was succeded as Laksamana by the son of Laksamana Ali Wasi – Dato’ Seri Mohd Razalli (former Menteri Besar of Perlis). The Toh Muda during Dato’ Laksamana Razalli’s term in office was Dato’ Muhammad Ali Akbar – the youngest son of the banished Laksamana Muhammad Amin. According to his personal documents, Ali Akbar was born in 1900 in Singapore and Laksamana Muhammad Amin died in Singapore in the year 1908.

Dato’ Seri Laksamana Mohd Razalli died in 1981 and was burried at Masjid Laksamana, Batak Rabit, Teluk Intan. He was succeeded by Dato’ Muhammad Ali Akbar as Laksamana. The late Laksamana Razalli’s son was made the Toh Muda and this Toh Muda’s name is Mohd Hamidi. In 1993, Dato’ Muhammad Ali Akbar died and was burried at Masjid Lama Taiping, Perak. He was succeded by Dato’ Seri Mohd Hamidi as Laksamana. Dato’ Ali Akbar’s son – Muhammad Amin Shukeri was made the Toh Muda in 1993.

However, in 1997, Laksamana Hamidi died and Toh Muda Amin Shukeri succeded him as the new Laksamana. Dato’ Seri Mohd Amin Shukeri is the present Orang Kaya-Kaya Laksamana Raja Mahkota of Perak. He is married to Datin Seri Wan Norniah Binti Dato’ Wan Salaiddin – a member of the Temenggong Clan of Perak. To date, there were two Toh Muda’s serving during Dato’ Seri Amin Shukeri’s term in office as Laksamana.  Mohd Khairi Bin Ahmad Tazalli – nephew to Dato’ Seri Laksamana Razalli was made Toh Muda in 1997. However in 2010, following the death of Toh Muda Khairi in 2009, one Meor Redzuan Bin Mahayuddin was appointed as Toh Muda Laksamana. Unfortunately, I have no info on the ancestry of Toh Muda Meor Redzuan.

e Genealogy of the Orang Kaya-Kaya Laksamana Raja Mahkotaof Perak

e Genealogy of the Orang Kaya-Kaya Laksamana Raja Mahkotaof Perak

About Megat Iskandar At-Terawis

Born 18 February 1979. Received primary education at King Edward VII School, Taiping, Perak and continued his secondary education at Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (STAR), Ipoh, Perak (1992-1996). He was awarded a scholarship by the Public Service Department to further his studies in the United Kingdom. Completed his A-Levels at Brooke House College, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, United Kindom in 1999 and gained entry to the University of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom. Graduated with a Joint Honours Degree in Computing and Accounting & Finance in 2002. He later pursued his post-graduate studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London in 2003 specialising in Malay Aristocratic Genealogy. Former Chairman of the United Kingdom Executive Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC) from 2001-2003. He was a banker by profession – specialising in Cash Management & Islamic Finance. He is now heading the corporate affairs of a technology company based in Putrajaya. An appointed member of the Community Representative Council for Putrajaya (MPPWP Sub-Zone H) by the Minister of Federal Territories. He is also an elected member of the Executive Committee for Persatuan Darul Ridzuan, heading its Heritage Bureau. He is also the founder and currently serving as Secretary of the Persatuan Keturunan Megat Terawis Malaysia (The Megat Terawis Clan Association of Malaysia). A Grade 8 holder in Pianoforte, he is an active musician, composer and arranger. He married his 3rd cousin – Puteri Nuur Khadijah Binti Megat Ramli in 2004 and was blessed with two children – Megat Idris Naquiyuddin and Puteri Mariam Sophia.
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17 Responses to The Genealogy of the Orang Kaya-Kaya Laksamana Raja Mahkota of Perak

  1. Nurul Ain Mohd Khairi says:

    Thanks to you, I now know my lineage and ancestors. 🙂 I’m the daughter of Orang Kaya-Kaya Laksamana Raja Mahkota Tohmuda Mohd Khairi bin Ahmad Tazalli.

  2. Megat Halim says:

    Assalammualaikum Saudara Megat Iskandar,

    Sekali lagi saya mahu memberi sedikit komen diruang ini, Daeng Hanasah atau dikenali segai Nakhoda Hitam bukanlah adik kepada Daeng Selili tapi adalah anak tiri kepada Daeng Selili. Ibu kepada Daeng Hanasah bernama We Camba seorang anak Raja diwilayah Camba diantara Wajo dan Bone. Ini adalah fakta didalam Silsilah Wajo dan Lontarak Sukunna Wajo. Wassalam.

  3. Megat Iskandar At-Terawis says:

    Terima kasih kerana memberi komen di sini pula.

    Seperti yang saya katakan di awal artikel ini, terdapat pelbagai versi tentang asal usul Nakhoda Hitam. Namun majoriti pendapat menjurus kepada hubungan kekeluargaan yang rapat dengan Daeng Selili. Saya tidak boleh mengatakan betul atau salah dalam perkara ini kerana sumber saudara juga adalah sumber yang sahih. Apa yang boleh saya buat adalah memuatkan versi saudara dalam bahagian asal-usul Nakhoda Hitam.

    Saya sendiri mempunyai perasaan syak bahawa apa yang saudara katakan lebih tepat daripada apa yang telah saya tulis i.e. Nakhoda Hitam adalah anak tiri dan bukannya adik. Saya akan cuba dapatkan kepastian dalam sedikit masa lagi berserta rujukan.

    Buat sementara waktu, saya akan masukkan versi saudara di dalam artikel ini.

  4. Nurul Ain Mohd Khairi says:

    Ah! Forgot to add something. My father, Tohmuda Khairi, passed away on the 1st of December 2007. Not 2009. I remember it well as he died when I just finished my SPM exam a week before that.

  5. Zul Tahir says:

    Salam. I enjoy reading your article as it has actually gave me more information @ knowledge as to this Laksamana person. With due respect, I am incline to pose a question in particular with regards to your clan @ Megat Terawis. My questions are : 1. When one mentioned of Megat Terawis @ Terawih, are we referring to Megat Terawih Daulat Pagar Ruyung of the Beting Beras Basah incident? 2. If so, what does Daulat Pagar Ruyung refers to? Wasalam

    • Megat Iskandar At-Terawis says:

      Thank you Sdr Zul Tahir for your questions.

      1. Normally, when people talk about the history of the Perak Sultanate, the name of Megat Terawis will always be mentioned. But, most people don’t know that there were more than one Megat Terawis in history.

      Two of those Megat Terawis are Bendaharas of Perak. The first was Bendahara Paduka Raja – the one at the Beting Beras Basah / Tun Saban incident. The other was Bendahara Seri Maharaja – mentioned in Misa Melayu as the Bendahara who succeeded to the Bendaharaship upon the death of one Bendahara Megat Iskandar.

      The 1st Megat Terawis is THE Megat Terawis – the forefather of the Megat Clan of Perak. About the tomb in Pulau Tiga, although the authorities claim that it belongs to Megat Terawis I, I personally feel that the tomb belongs to Megat Terawis II.

      2. As for your 2nd question, in history books, Megat Terawis is said to be the son of the Daulat Pagar Ruyung. This is a bit misleading. Indeed, the father of Megat Terawis is a ruler of one state called Raorao within the Pagar Ruyung federation. But, his father was not one of the Raja Tiga Selo known as the Raja Alam or Raja Adat or Raja Ibadat of Pagar Ruyung. (Think of this 3 Rajas are like the Yang Dipertuan Agong of Malaysia and the ruler of states are just like today’s Sultans/Governors of member states)

      All rulers have the salutation of Daulat Yang Dipertuan (just like today’s DYMM). Having said that however, maternally, Megat Terawis is a grandson of the Raja Alam of Pagar Ruyung. And, historical records also have shown that the son-in-law of Megat Terawis later became the Raja Alam of Pagar Ruyung. To historians who are not that familiar with the Pagar Ruyung titles and salutations, they tend to conclude that Megat Terawis’ father was the Raja Alam. This is not the case.

      So, the correct title of his father should be Daulat Yang Dipertuan Tuanku Raja Raorao, Pagar Ruyung.

  6. Salam… Forgive me if i’m wrong but if i am not mistaken my late father A.Wasizali ( fourth child of late Dato’ Seri Laksamana Hamidi ) said Nakhoda Hitam truly name is Raja Nakhoda Hitam… Can you please check that for me Mr Megat Iskandar At-Terawis… By the way Nurul Ain Mohd Khairi you are my aunty… Hello and nice to meet you

  7. al- azwar says:

    i am one of Dato’ Laksamana Hj Mohd Razali’s granddaughters. I think that your genealogy should be updated as from what i know, my late grandfather had 3 wives.

    • al- azwar says:

      many thanks to you too, for this genealogy. its not an easy task, gathering all of this information together. well done!

  8. nazira alias b mat din b uda maamor says:

    do you hv more info of Uda Maamor? i.e. where are his successors now?

    • Megat Iskandar At-Terawis says:

      Salam. Thank you Nazira for your comments.

      About Shahbandar Uda Maamor, in my record – he has a daughter named Rafidah Binti Uda Maamor and two sons – Osman & Ali. Rafidah is married to one Abdul Karim and had a son who later became the Shahbandar – Dato’ Seri Ibrahim (who died in the 1980s). Dato’ Seri Ibrahim had a few children which includes two former Toh Mudas – Khairin and Razalli. Toh Muda Khairin died in the late 1990s and Toh Muda Razalli died in 2014. Rafidah Binti Uda Maamor later married to the last Raja Bendahara of Perak – Raja Abdul Rashid Ibni Almarhum Sultan Idris Murshidul Azam Shah. She also had a few children from the union (names, I don’t remember).

      As for the sons of Shahbandar Uda Maamor, I only have the information about the offsprings of Osman. Osman inherited the title Shahbandar. Osman was married to Toh Puan Wan Su Raihani – daughter of Orang Kaya Menteri Wan Mohd Isa. However, they have no children. Osman had another marriage later and begot one child with the name Yusuf. Yusuf’s descendants are traceable today.

      • nazira bt alias b mat din b uda maamor says:

        Wasslm Tuan, thanks for responding so fast… I felt honored

        From yr info above, it seems my Uda Maamor was a different person. Was that name very common at that era? BTW, how many wives he had? His name came to my attention only recently while I was doing my jejak kasih. The only info I had of him was that he went missing or intercepted by British (or something like that). This was told by my late father many years back, which I paid little interest at that time

        My Uda Maamor had three sons and most of his successors reside in Kampung Raja, Parit. His pusara was there also.

        Based on my very little info, I guess more digging must be made. Hopefully, I can gather more info of him this coming raya visits to Kg Raja. However, there aren’t many elders left to refer. With the help of internet and knowledgeable person like yourself, I wish I can establish a record of my lineage and ancestors

        Thanks again Tuan for taking your time in my case

      • Megat Iskandar At-Terawis says:

        Salam Nazira,

        From your explanation, I am very certain that your Uda Maamor is a different Uda Maamor than the one featured in this blog. Shahbandar Uda Maamor was one of the Perak chiefs exiled to the Seychelles together with Sultan Abdullah, Menteri Ngah Ibrahim and Laksamana Md Amin. Later, these Perak chiefs were allowed to be re-located in Singapore. Apart from Sultan Abdullah, all died in Singapore and buried there. In 2006, the remains of Ngah Ibrahim and Laksamana Md Amin were brought back to Malaysia and re-intered at Matang and Kuala Kangsar respectively. The exact location of Shahbandar Uda Maamor’s grave in Singapore is unknown.

      • nurul says:

        Assalam Megat Iskandar.
        Yussof is my late grandfather. and he is the only son to Osman.

  9. nazira bt alias b mat din b uda maamor says:

    Thanks again for the above info

  10. Sulaiman bin Mohd A'asi says:

    Assalamualaikum..saya adalah salah sorang cicit kepada Laksmana Raja Mahkota Haji Hussain bin Tok Tua Mohd Salleh..

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