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The Ruling Royal House of Kelantan

The ruling royal house of Kelantan today is descended from Tuanku Long Yunus. According to the genealogy compiled by Dato’ Perdana Nik Mahmood Bin Nik Ismail which was published in 1932, the Kelantan ruler Long Yunus had several children namely … Continue reading

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The Sultanate of Pahang

The Sultanate of Pahang began during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah of Melaka when His Majesty appointed his son Raja Muhammad as the first Sultan of Pahang reigning as Sultan Muhammad Shah. The Melakan dynasty in Pahang only lasted … Continue reading

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The Genealogy of the Orang Kaya Menteri Paduka Tuan

The Orang Kaya Menteri Paduka Tuan is one of the Orang Besar Empat of Perak. Based on present-day protocol, his position is next to the Orang Kaya Temenggong Paduka Raja. Originally, the title was bestowed on the descendants of Syed … Continue reading

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My experience at Immigration Department of Malaysia, Putrajaya

My maid’s agent told me that I need to get my maid to undergo FOMEMA medical check-up and the renewal should be completed by 14th October 2010. Since today is 14th October , then it is too obvious that I … Continue reading

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The Ruling Royal House of Kedah Darul Aman

This would be my first entry on genealogy from a state other than Perak. Since the most senior ruler in Malaysia today is from Kedah, I will be writing about the Ruling House of Kedah as the first non-Perak entry … Continue reading

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Raya 2010

It has been quite some time since my last entry in this blog. Every now and then, I do check the stats report on this blog and I am amazed that people still visit this website – mostly directed by … Continue reading

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